Examples and Tutorials

Examples By Category

Bellow is a list of sample configs from vagga/examples. To run any of them just jump to the folder and run vagga.

Build tools


Real World Examples

This section contains real-world examples of possibly complex vagga files. They are represented as external symlinks (github) with a description. Send a pull request to add your example here.

First Time User Hint

All the examples run in containers and install dependencies in .vagga subfolder of project dir. So all that possibly scary dependencies are installed automatically and never touch your host system. That makes it easy to experiment with vagga.

  • Vagga itself – fairly complex config, includes:

    • Building Rust with musl libc support
    • Docs using sphinx and additional dependencies
    • Running vagga in vagga for tests
  • Presentation config for simple impress.js presentation generated from restructured text (.rst) files. Includes:

    • Installing hovercraft by Pip (Python 3), which generates the HTML files
    • The simple serve command to serve the presentation on HTTP
    • The pdf command which generates PDF files using wkhtmltopdf and some complex bash magic
  • xRandom a web project described as “Site that allows you see adult movie free without advertisements”. Vagga config features:

    • Installation of elasticsearch (which is also an example to setup DB)
    • The full web server stack run with single command (nginx + nodejs)
    • The hard way of setting up the same thing for comparison